How to write a good essay

1.Think about content

  • What are you going to write in it? Is it going to have a positive or negative impact on reader?
  • Think about all points that you are gonna add in essay.pexels-photo-355952.jpeg

2. The introduction

  • Should be done in 3-4 lines or around 30 words.
  • Should have basic information about topic or you can start with its historic view.pexels-photo-618612.jpeg

3. Positive views

  • After introduction, change paraghraph and start writing about positive points.
  • It should include government policies if any or any international convention regarding it.
  • Positive impact of given topic on common people.
  • Should consist of atleast 6 positive points in an essay.pexels-photo-941693.jpeg

3. Negative views

  • Write down negative views of given topoc if any.
  • Should be less than positive imapct if you are writing in favour of topic.
  • Negative part shoils not be more, as readers might not feel well. There may be less chance of getting good marks.
  • “There is dump everywhere, its on you, how you are going to covert it into gober gas or let it be there.”pexels-photo-133070.jpeg

4. Bonus

  • Write about any inter-government or goverment institution or scheme regarding certain topic.pexels-photo-541518.jpeg

5. The conclusion

Atlast you should give your own view on it, how you are going to conclude it?Wether it be positive or negative, its all upto you.

Thank you!

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