“All that glitters is not gold”

Gold is a highly glittering metal. But it does not mean that ”all that glitters is gold‘.  Appearance is often deceptice. Ornaments looking as if of gold might have not been made of pure solid 24 carat and might not have that intrinsic value as is had by those made of pure solid gold. In life, we meet people who pfetend to be noble and honest. They, incact are scoundrels of first order. There are many people who pose before us for their own selfish intrests. A man may smile and smile and yet to be a villian. One should always beware of such rogues and villians. We should never immediately be influenced and be carried away by moving words of others. First we shold try to assess what he means and after assessing the truth of his words we should act. It does not mean that we should become inclined not to believe others. It means that we should be careful in reposing our trust in others.

Thank you!

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