Money vs Success

The popular saying is that money makes the world go round. We use our precious life earning a living, providing for ohr families and saving for our retirement. Money no doubt plays a decisive role in shaping the quality and nature of our lifestyles, the size of one’s pag cheque is not a measure of one’s success in life.

There are many ways of defining success. Many measures it in terms of high income, huge bank balances, cars, expensive mension, and lavish vacations, etc. However, sucess is an indication of human qualities. Earning a high income is not a measure of success. Generally, success depends on how we treat other human beings. It is obvious that a critical aspect of success lies in the answers to such questions for they disclose the merit of relationship we share with our fellow human beings.

Stay hungry, Stay foolish” – Steve Jobs

Success can only be defined; the thought of success may not be same as another. This is as it should be. Each of us is a product of diverse social, cultural, economic, political, religious, and ideological influences. When we add to that mix the free will that each of us exercises, we can understand clearly how each of us fashions one’s aspirants for what we consider to be success in our own lives.

In conclusion, success is a concept which can be interpreted in a million different ways. Each individuals version adds to the richness of our world and makes our planet a more delightful, amazing and colourful place to live.

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