‘Speech is silver. Silence is gold.’

A German proverb says: “Speech is silver. Silence is golden; speech is human. Silence is divine.” There is a good deal of truth in the saying. It is speech which help us to nake our intentions and desires known to our fellows. It makes our attitude completely understood. The use of cautious and polite word creates friends for us. All our popular leaders of the world know the art of speaking. It is knowledge of this art that wins them friends and popularity everywhere.

Words spoken by men and women in the earnest but mellow tones of familiar speech are richer than the richest music. They are a delight while they are heard. They linger still upon the ear in softened echoes. Even when they have ceased, they came back to the memory like murmurs of distant hymns.

The use of speech, however, has to be very cautious. The use of an unusual or ambiguous word may create an enemy where we  had hoped to win a friend. Goldsmith has very rightly said, “An unlucky word dropped by tongue cannot be brought back again by a coach and six horses.”

Hence, the golden rule is; “Speak only when you have something to say and when you said it, become silent.” A silent man is often reputed to be wise. Carlyle very appropriately remarks, “What a strange power there is in silence! How many resolutions are formed how many sublime conquests effected, during that pause when lips are closed, and the soul secretely feels the eye of her maker is upon her. They are the strong ones of earth who know how to keep silence.”

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