Hague convention

Background:- Over three crore Indians living abroad have cross-border marriages. When such a diverse family unit breaks down, children suffer as they are dragged into an international legal battle between their parents. India has not signed the Hague treaty yet. Hague convention:- The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is an… Continue reading Hague convention

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Financing reindustrialization

Bring back development banks Context in view of Commercial banks: Many commercial banks in India are under financial stress. This has imparted a fragility to the banking system as a whole. Scams and scandals surface from time to time, making headline news. There is also a quiet crisis that runs deep. It is not audible… Continue reading Financing reindustrialization


Saubhagya Scheme

Background:- India has been gradually succeeding in the provision of basic needs to its citizens from safe drinking water, to food security, to schooling. Access to electricity for all is now nearing completion, with about 1,25,000 villages and over 50 crore people having gotten access over the last decade. All remaining households in the country… Continue reading Saubhagya Scheme


Bhagat Singh ideology

Background:- Bhagat Singh is one of the only national heroes, perhaps after Gandhi, who is venerated across India. This could be attributed to his appeal as a martyr, which cuts across political ideologies. Political ideology:- His azaadi freedom was not limited to the expelling of the British; instead he desired azaadi from poverty, azaadi from… Continue reading Bhagat Singh ideology


Gandhiji withdraw from Civil Disobedience Movement

Background :- Gandhi described his 11 points as being very simple but vital needs of India which would fill out the word Independence and give it meaning to ordinary people. The 11 points combined such issues of general interest as 50% cuts in army expenses and civil service salaries, total prohibition, release of political prisoners… Continue reading Gandhiji withdraw from Civil Disobedience Movement

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We need Aadhaar, not just for phones

  Background: India’s Unique Identification project is the world’s largest biometrics-based identity programme.Initially, the project had a limited aim – to stop theft and pilferage from India’s social welfare programmes by correctly identifying the beneficiaries using their biometrics. But now, the use of Aadhaar is expanding into newer areas, including business applications. From food rations… Continue reading We need Aadhaar, not just for phones


More to lose than to gain

Background:- India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border. But more than half a century after the 1962 war, China is positioning to send its troops across the border in Doklam. This shows the evolution of the relation between the two countries over… Continue reading More to lose than to gain

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Nehru Report

Background:- When Simon commission was opposed by Indians, British challenged the Indian leaders to draft a constitution for India. Indians accepted this by forming a committee appointed with the task of drafting a constitution headed by Motilal Nehru. The draft constitution prepared by the committee was called the Nehru Committee Report or Nehru Report. Nehru report :-… Continue reading Nehru Report